I was once a beginner myself.

I remember my experiences and the first step outside the world known to me into a new unknown world, where there are rules and their own timing. And now, for seventeen years, I have been discovering more and more facets of this world every day.

But returning to my first plunge into the world of iron and its music, I remember …

What did I feel? – Yes, nothing, except for the blurry structures before my eyes, the regulars of the hall, confidently coping with all this and my awkward attempts to imitate them.

What did I get? – Nothing but incomprehensible joint pain, fatigue and many questions, to which, to be honest, I continue to look for answers even now.

Analyzing my long journey, I see …

What have I lost? – A lot of time in search of an effective formula for magic cubes on the stomach and hands that conquer cold steel.

What have I achieved? – There are many, but many mistakes have been made.

Each of us is trying to find all this on the Internet, in the video trainings of professional athletes, in the big guys in the gym, who, nevertheless, somehow managed to correct genetics and rise one step higher. Only later do we learn that each of them had their own secrets and their own skeletons in the closet. But this is their story, and we will start our journey from the first step.

This site is dedicated to everyone who wants to change themselves. And also those who help others to change.

He will be your guide in the labyrinths of cold metal and even a good friend who will help you not only do the last repetition, but also provide a shoulder.

And if you really decided to take this step, get ready to change your life!

I will be near.