ViraFend: Defense Against Cold Sores & Herpes Virus!

ViraFend: Defense Against Cold Sores & Herpes Virus!
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ViraFendViraFend : Cold sores and fever blisters occur as the result of the herpes simplex virus type 1 (i.e. HSV-1) and this virus is quite difficult to control. It gets transmitted from person to person  by saliva, either by drinking from the same cup or by skin contact. Once it gets attached to your nervous system the risks of cold sore are high. They usually appear as clusters of small blisters on the lip. Most of the people are first infected with this virus before they are 10 years old.

After the first infection, this virus remains inactive in the nerves of the face. In fact, in some people, it becomes active over and over again from time to time. And when this happens, fever blisters and cold sores start occurring on your skin. However, there are many other issues such as stress, illness, trauma to the lips, dry skin which can also cause a cold sore outbreak.

Since these sores are uncomfortable, contagious and unsightly that occur generally on or around your lips, you want to get rid out of them as quick as possible. Am I right? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here in this review, I am going to discuss one potent remedy that helps you fight against cold sores and fever blisters. Introducing, ViraFend! It is an amazing cold sore preventing solution that helps to diminish their appearance and ease your discomfort with an utmost ease. Would you like to know more about it? If yes, then continue reading this detailed review and get yourself completely informed.

ViraFend: What is it?

Are you sick of trying several creams, potions, and prescription pills that never seem to treat the real cause of cold sore outbreak? Then you need to try an effective solution like ViraFend. Considered as the best cold sore inhibiting formula, it helps you get rid of cold sores from the root. Unlike other products, this potent solution gives you the real and satisfactory results within a few weeks.

Prepared in the certified labs, this formula made with all scientifically approved ingredients. It is specifically created to fight against herpes simplex virus Type 1 which is the main cause of cold sores. In addition to this, it provides you the following benefits:

  • This formula helps to defuse against viral fusion
  • It helps to prevent viral replication
  • It treats the problem of cold sores and fever blisters permanently

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What are the various ingredients used in its composition?

All the ingredients that are used in the formulation of ViraFend are 100% natural and have been clinically tested to ensure their efficiency. Moreover, this formula mainly uses a complex method of extraction of the raw Humic Acid. This is an appropriate viral fusion inhibitor or an essential nutrient that aids in supporting your body’s normal regulation of microbiota. Further, it helps in fixing the occurrence of unsightly and painful cold sores from the root without any hassle.

Now, let’s find out how this formula works?

ViraFend works effortlessly to stop the first stage of viral reproduction that is “Viral Fusion”, where a virus particle gets attached to the host cells. It gets replicated before inserting its viral DNA into the human cells. In this manner, it assists in supporting your body defense against those contagious cold sores and fluid-filled blisters. In addition, it also prevents herpes viruses connecting to the host cells and further helps to control viral replication.

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What is the recommended dosage? How to consume it?

Each container of ViraFend comprises of 60 capsules. All you need to do is consume two capsules on a regular basis with water. The best thing is that you can take this supplement with your regular diet.

#However, it is recommended to take not more than two capsules of this formula in a day as it might prompt hurtful results. So, take it according to the right directions only to retrieve safe and effective results.

Few essential things that should be taken care of:

When cold sores are present, avoid few things:

  • Avoid coming into the contact with infected body fluids such as kissing a person who is already infected with cold sore
  • Avoid sharing your personal things such as towels , lip balm, lipstick etc.
  • Avoid sharing eating utensils, drinking from the same cups that an infected person may have used.
  • Avoid skin contact with other people
  • Avoid touching sores. If in case you do, then wash your hands with soap and water immediately
  • Avoid touching other parts of your body, specifically susceptible areas such as eyes and genitals.

What are the pros?

ViraFend provides you the host of benefits. Few of them are discussed below. Take a glimpse of them:

  • It is a no. 1 cold sore defense formula
  • This product consists of 100% natural and clinically approved ingredients
  • Does not contain any fillers and binders, thus it has zero side effect
  • Highly recommended by the renowned experts and doctors all around the globe
  • It can be used with any other medication also
  • 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with its regular intake

What are the cons?

There are minors limitations associated with ViraFend that you must know before you start taking it:

  • This product is not safe for the minors and under 18s
  • It is not accessible at the retail stores

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Certain things to remember

  • Store this product at the room temperature only
  • Keep it out of the reach of children
  • Overdose is strictly prohibited
  • This product should be consumed only as directed on the label
  • Consult your doctor before taking it if you have any serious medical condition

User’s feedback

  • Mandy: “Cold sores are really embarrassing, painful, and contagious. I was willing to do whatever I could to get rid of them faster. I tried every possible remedy, products, and supplements but nothing seemed to fix my problem. Then, I got to know about ViraFend through one of my closest friends. Ever since I have begun using this product, I have never come across with cold sores, till yet. Highly recommended! ”
  • Crystal: “In order to diminish the appearance of cold sores, I tried ViraFend and it really did a wonder for me. I took this product as per the right direction and got the desirable results within a committed time frame. Kudos to the team who has created such an effective product like this.”

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From where to buy?

You can buy an exclusive pack of ViraFend by clicking on the link given below. Just fill up your essential details and make payment via your debit or credit card. The order will be delivered at your doorstep within 3-5 business days. Hurry, Place your order now as the supplies are limited.

For how many days I have to follow its regular intake?

If you want to obtain 100% satisfactory and noticeable results then it is recommended to take ViraFend regularly for at least 3 months. Taking this formula consistently will definitely help you to get rid of this problem permanently.

Is this product safe to use?

Indeed, yes! Since all the ingredients of this product have been tested clinically to ensure your safety. Thus, ViraFend is 100% safe and effective to consume. Not just this! This formula is free from all harmful fillers, binders, and chemicals. So, anybody can begin utilizing this formula without giving a second thought.

Can I take ViraFend with any other prescription pills?

Yes. You can take ViraFend with any other medications doubtlessly, including anti-viral prescription pills as suggested by your doctor. There are no known adverse interaction between this product any other medicines.

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