Provironos is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. It is used to treat a variety of illnesses, the most common of which is low endogenous testosterone levels.

Pharmacom Labs Provironos 60 (Proviron) is a highly anabolic steroid that has been shown to have the ability to increase your testosterone levels. This increased level of testosterone can lead to more muscle mass, strength gains, and reduced recovery time between workouts. Pharmacom Labs Provironos 60 (Proviron) also suppresses estrogen which is why it’s often recommended for bodybuilders who are trying to bulk up during their off-season or pre-contest phase. 

What is Provironos 60

Provironos 60 (Proviron), is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. This anabolic steroid has been shown to have the ability to increase your testosterone levels, leading to increased muscle mass, strength gains, and reduced recovery time between workouts.

How does Provironos 60 work and what are the benefits

Provironos binds to the androgen receptor, which has the effect of boosting red blood cell creation. This results in an improvement in oxygen flow throughout your body, allowing you to exercise for longer at high intensity.

As for Provironos’ benefits, it increases your body’s nitric oxide production, which in turn improves blood flow and allows more nutrients to reach your muscles. This effect enables you to train harder, which results in greater muscle growth. Provironos also suppresses estrogen levels within the body, a factor that can contribute to fat gain during off-season bulking cycles.

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Side effects of taking Provironos

Provironos is not a 17-alpha alkylated steroid, which means it doesn’t have the same toxic effect on your liver. Though its side effects are generally mild to moderate, they may include common steroids symptoms such as acne and hair loss. You may also see some increases in blood pressure. Some users report bloating while taking this supplement. This side effect can typically be counteracted with a regular intake of Nolvadex or Clomid.

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Dosage information for taking Provironos 60

Dosage information for Provironos 60 is provided on the product label; however, it is highly recommended that you follow your doctor’s or pharmacist’s instructions. Most users find it most effective when taken at a dosage of around 30 to 40mg per day for between two and six weeks.

It can be stacked with other steroids such as Trenbolone, Dianabol, Winstrol, Deca Durabolin, and Testosterone.

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Who should not take Pharmacom Provironos

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take Provironos. People who suffer from any type of mood disorder, liver disease, pancreas problems, heart ailments, high blood pressure, low bone mineral density, prostate cancer and other conditions should also avoid using Provironos.

Users with a history of hypersensitivity to the drug should not take it. You shouldn’t take Pharmacom Labs Provironos 60 if you have allergies to its ingredients or are taking any other medication within six weeks before starting a Proviron cycle.

Where to legally purchase Provironos 60

Pharmacom Labs Provironos is legally available in the following countries: Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey, and the United States. You can purchase it from the approved online stores in those countries. Though you may be able to find it on US-based black market sites, we do not condone buying and using the drug this way.

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Provironos 60 product reviews:

1.    Phill Jack (January 13, 2021): Pharmacom delivered again! Provironos is the best anabolic I’ve taken for increasing size. My muscles are incredibly full and I can see my veins everywhere now. Provironos also helped me increase strength especially on the bench press.

2.    Mark Glover (January 14, 2021): Pharmacom Labs Provironos is great for bulking up or retaining lean muscle mass during a cutting cycle. It’s really helped me put on more weight and gain noticeable size lately! The delivery was also quick, only took two weeks to arrive!

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3.    Sonny Weeks (January 19, 2021): Been using PharmacomProvironos 60 for about 3 weeks now, stacking it with Testosterone-Enanthate at 300mg per week. Strength has gone through the roof as well as endurance in the gym. I’m able to hit the gym for 3 hours and not feel tired at all. My recovery times have also decreased and this is all possible in just 3 weeks!

4.    Ricardo Ramirez (January 23, 2021): Love PharmacomProvironos 60! Gave me strength, libido and helped retain plenty of lean muscle mass during my cutting cycle. It’s also great for building size with a Bulker such as Testosterone-Enanthate at 500mg per week. Would definitely recommend it if you’re looking to add some quality lean weight with minimal water retention.

5.    Angel Gomez (February 5, 2021): Great product! I’ve been stacking it with two other bulking products (Testosterone-Enanthate and Trenbolone-Enanthate) for the past month or so. It seems to be working really well! Strength levels are through the roof, I’m lifting way more weight now and also able to keep my lean muscle mass without getting too bulky. This is one of the best bulking supplements available!

6.    Lance Coyle (February 9, 2021): Pharmacom Provironos has helped me build a lot of new tissue over the last 4 weeks of use. My strength has shot through the roof as well! I’ve been taking it at around 40mg per day for just under 3 weeks with Testosterone-Enanthate at 300mg per week. Will continue stacking these two products throughout my next cycle.

7.    Will Gallagher (March 1, 2021): This product is awesome. I’ve been taking it for a little over a month now and have definitely seen better results in comparison to when I was not using this! My muscle mass has increased noticeably, my strength is through the roof and libido is going through the roof too.

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8.    Leann Nichols (March 1, 2021): Pharmacom Provironos 60 worked really well during my cutting cycle. It helped me retain lean muscle mass while also losing fat. Strength levels were ridiculous too, I was able to lift heavier weights even when dieting! Would recommend it strongly.

9.    Natalie Banks (March 9, 2021): Been taking Pharmacom Labs Provironos 60 for a couple weeks now in combination with Dianabol at 20mg a day. My weight has gone from 143lbs to 151-152lbs in just a couple weeks! Strength and endurance have also increased. Love this product, will definitely use again when I start my next cycle.

10. Linda Wells (March 13, 2021): As an ex-bodybuilder I’ve tried many different supplements in the past 5 years but nothing compares to Pharmacom Labs Provironos 60 . It does exactly what it says on the tin – helped me gain strength & size even during my cutting phase. Will be stocking up again soon for sure!

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Provironos to the rescue! Pharmacom Labs is always here for you!

The final and most important element of a successful anabolic steroid cycle is the use of Provironos. This drug was first introduced to bodybuilding in the 1950s, but it has its origins as a treatment for low testosterone levels. As more people began using this medication, they discovered that it could be used not only to treat these conditions but also as an effective fat burner or muscle builder. Today’s athletes can’t go without taking at least one dose of this product during their cutting phase if they want to achieve maximum results.

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