Joint Advance And 5 Foods That Support Joint Health!

Joint Advance And 5 Foods That Support Joint Health!
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No matter what age you are, you witness joint pain and aches at some or the other point. Joint pain could have many causes but often it is a symptom of stiffness, inflammation or arthritis which is an umbrella term for many conditions which cause joint pain. In young people arthritis usually occurs because of sport injuries like a ligament tear, dislocated joint.

Rheumatologists often prescribe medicines and supplements which stave off and slow the progression of joint damage. One such effective joint pain pill is Joint Advance. It helps you to manage joint pain with its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

Apart from joint pain pills you can incorporate foods which help reduce joint pain, such as

1. Berries

Berries are loaded with nutrients which are rich in antioxidant compounds that fight inflammation and help in alleviating joint pain.

How To Consume – Add berries like strawberry, raspberry, blackberry to Greek yogurt, smoothies, hot or cold cereal or eat them in salads or just like that.

2. Nuts

Nuts are packed with healthy fats and antioxidants which help your body to fight off and repair inflammatory damage. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that over a 10-year period, people who had consumed the most nuts had 51% lower risk of dying from an inflammatory disease compared to people who consumed lesser nuts.

How To Consume – Load your morning oatmeal with a handful of nuts such as almonds, cashews, pistachios. If you do not like cereal then you can munch on some smoked almonds, sweet cashews.

3. Orange Vegetables

Orange vegetables are strong inflammation fighters and can even ward off inflammation- related diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

How To Consume – Stir fry cubed butternut squash, sweet potatoes and baby carrots in olive oil and sprinkle some black pepper and salt over it.

You can get similar benefits from a joint health supplement called Joint Advance. It provides your joints with necessary nutrition required for their upkeep. This pill contains herbal ingredients such as vitamin C, ginger, white willow bark which have zero side effects.

4. Green Leafy Vegetables

Vegetables like Brussel sprouts, spinach, broccoli, kale are loaded with antioxidants which may ease out the arthritis pain and slow down its progression. All these vegetables are rich in sulforaphane, a compound which kills the enzymes that cause inflammation and joint destruction.

How To Consume – Make a soup using all the cruciferous vegetables. Stir fry some Brussel sprouts. Eat some candied kale.

5. Onions

A study in the Biological Pharmacology reported that orally consuming quercetin reduced the arthritis symptoms in mice. The positive results in mice do not necessarily mean that same will happen with humans but the antioxidants in onions could prove to be beneficial for treatment for inflammatory diseases.

How To Consume – You can make onion dips, chutneys, add them in soups, noodles, salads.

Final Verdict

Including all these foods in your diet can help you manage your arthritis well but in case you need all this support in a supplement, you can opt for a joint health pill like Joint Advance.